Does Exposed Skin Care Really Work?

If you suffer from acne, of course you’ll be on the lookout for a treatment that really works. As well as being unsightly, acne is inconvenient and even painful, and can leave you with scars. Finding an acne product that works can put you back on the road to clearer skin and renewed confidence. You might have heard of Exposed Skin Care, an acne treatment that claims to be revolutionary and based on both science and nature.

It seems like lots of people have been raving about Exposed Skin Care, and you might be wondering does exposed skin care really work? To find out, let’s take a look at how Exposed Skin Care works and what acne sufferers around the world are saying about it.

What Is Exposed Skin Care?

Exposed Skin Care is a popular acne treatment that combines the power of science and nature to fight acne. Exposed Skin Care was developed in Seattle by an expert team of cosmetologists, dermatologists, naturopaths and chemists, working together to create an effective acne treatment that sufferers could turn to over and over again. Exposed has a spectrum of powerful ingredients to help clear and heal your skin, including a probiotic supplement to help your skin heal from the inside out.

When compared to other acne brands such as Proactive, Max Clarity and Murad, Exposed has a wider range of ingredients in its products, offering more ways to clear your skin and keep it that way. Exposed goes deeper than other treatments, clearing out your pores and cleansing your skin on a deep level, not only treating acne but helping to prevent it coming back.

What Ingredients Does Exposed Use?

Exposed uses powerful compounds drawn from both science and nature. Some of the active ingredients in Exposed include:

  1. Passion flower to reduce redness and help stop irritation
  2. Tea tree oil to heal your skin
  3. Green tea extract to restore a healthy glow to your skin
  4. Licorice root to reduce inflammation and help treat scarring
  5. Salicylic and glycolic acids to give your pores a deep cleanse
  6. Micronized benzyl peroxide to kill the bacteria that cause acne
  7. Azelaic acid to help your skin shed dead cells

All in all, Exposed utilizes a careful balance of ingredients to create what they call a “full spectrum” treatment, dealing with everything from clogged pores and acne-causing bacteria to inflammation, redness and scarring.

What Are Exposed Users Saying?

Exposed’s website is full of glowing reviews from delighted users who have seen great results from using their products. But what about the testimonials that aren’t hand picked? They are looking pretty good too! Exposed currently has over 600 reviews on Amazon, and over 500 of them are 4 or 5 stars. So what are Exposed users saying? There are some very positive responses out there, including claims of:

  • A dramatic reduction in the amount and appearance of acne
  • Clearer skin that looks healthier and fresher
  • Skin that looks so much better that it invites compliments
  • Rapid improvements in acne, sometimes in as little as two weeks
  • Far better results than with any other acne treatment brands
  • Skin that stays clear and looks better than ever
  • The first acne treatment to really work for long term problem skin

Does Exposed Skin Care Work?

The answer from Exposed users is a resounding yes! No one product can work for everyone, but the vast majority of Exposed users are delighted with its acne-busting properties and have found that using it has given them the clearer, smoother skin they’ve always dreamed of. The verdict is YES, Exposed’s patented science and nature formula is effective in treating even severe acne.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Using Exposed Skin Care?

The main drawback to using Exposed Skin Care is the price, with the basic kit starting around $50 and the advanced kit running to around $100, though the Exposed website often runs special offers that can help you save money. Some users find that their acne comes back if they stop the treatment, so using Exposed may be a long term solution rather than a quick fix. Some users do suffer with a little irritation due to the powerful nature of the products, but most people can tolerate them with no problems.

If you’re looking to clear up acne, Exposed could be well worth the investment. Why not start off with their travel pack so you can see the results for yourself before investing in a longer course of treatment?

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