How to Get Rid of a Dry Cough

Being sick can cause you a lot of stress and issues and with a dry cough the abilities to talk and feel okay doing a number of simple tasks will decrease immensely. A dry cough can be caused by the climate you live in and changing weather patterns. Often people from humid locations will not be able to cope as well in dry and cold locations and will develop sickness such as a dry cough. Coughing is actually a positive element that your body utilizes in order to get germs and bad substances out and not allow them to reach the lungs.

How to Get Rid of a Dry Cough

A dry cough will often become more apparent when working in dusty dry areas and can be very uncomfortable. There are a number of ways you can target this illness and get rid of a dry cough in a short time. Some methods are logical and practical and consist of elements that you would assume be necessary to stay healthy whereas some other techniques are methods that you would not think of naturally.

Hydration is essential in the case of most illnesses but especially when the issue is a dry cough. A cough is dry because there is a lack of moisture within the body and in order to replenish this it is very important to intake lots of fluids and keep the body as hydrated as possible. You can hydrate with drinks other than water, you can utilize hot tea to soothe your throat or juice to add flavor and intake other nutrients at the same time. Don’t overdo juice or sugary drinks as they will not help with the overall hydration of the body in the long run. Do everything you can to help your immune system and sugar is not a helpful substance. Try taking multi-vitamins or vitamin C to help boost your immune system, the use of Echinacea is also recommended.

Dry coughs are often caused by the environment you are living or working in and although it may be difficult to remove yourself from some places you can change all the aspects that may be contributing to your illness. Dirt, chemicals, and even being around fire and smoke can cause a cough to develop so it is important to make sure you are living in a clean environment and taking all the necessary steps to reduce anything that is making the air drier. Whether it is in your home or workplace it can make a huge difference. Dry coughs are very uncomfortable and create an easily irritable throat so limiting talking is always a good idea to let your throat rest and get better as quickly as possible.

The previous methods are relatively straight forward and are basic health elements that can always be utilized in order to stay healthy. There are some other techniques that can be used to help with the issue of a dry cough. Initially, if possible even before the dry cough is fully developed the use of a hot salt water gargle is extremely useful. The taste may not be great but it is extremely effective, gargle hot salt water as often as possible. This will kill all the germs waiting in your mouth and throat to enter into your body. Best times are before bed or early in the morning when there is a plethora of germs to be killed. Having a throat lozenge directly after is often helpful to rid your mouth of the taste and soothe your throat.

Using Vicks Vaporub is a helpful technique as well; by rubbing this on your feet the symptoms can be reduced. If your cough has already developed try to cough into your arm or a pillow in order to reduce the strain on your body and also to limit the spread of germs. Other solutions can be drinking hot water with honey or lemon, over the counter throat lozenges, chewing on peppermint or ginger.

Overall if you feel that you are starting to develop a dry cough start hydrating and gargling hot salt water. This will make an initial fight against the illness and keep the dry cough with you for a short time. Make sure your environment is healthy and utilize any remedies that you feel help soothe your throat. Get lots of rest and don’t try to overdo anything and fatigue your body. A dry cough can stay with you for a long time if you don’t treat yourself right so do everything within your power to get yourself better. Also be respectful of the people around you, you know how miserable it is to have a dry cough so don’t go spreading your germs and giving other people your sickness.

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