Lower left abdominal pain in men

A lot of people are currently experiencing abdominal pain in recent times. The pain affects people of all ages both young and old. The pain felt in the lower left abdominal in men can be caused by a lot of things such as constipation and other unforeseen complications. We shall return to this discussion in the later part of this article.

The pain in women is lesser than the ones in men, for example, if a woman is suffering from this ailment, all she needs to do is walk inside a pharmacy store and he / she will be given a suitable antibiotic.

But in women, it is a different thing. But if the woman is pregnant or suffering from malaria also, the doctor will treat the malaria first, before delving into the other health challenge. However, this is beyond the scope of this writing.

The womb or uterus, tubes and even the ovaries are all situated in the lower abdomen. The pains in these areas are more prevalent in women than in men. The pain will be severe if there are infections, especially in the left region.

Causes of lower Left Abdominal Pain in Men

Lower left abdominal pain in men
Lower left abdominal pain in men

There are so many causes of lower left abdominal pain. If you browse through the internet, or read some books, articles and reviews online, you will get more hints. We will make attempt to explain most of them with simple terms.

Some of the causes of lower abdominal pain in men range from fatal complications, constipation and gas, colon cancer, and kidney infection. Sometimes, the pain could be severe, and it will persist for a long period of time if left unchecked or untreated immediately.

Doctors find it uneasy to diagnose the pain of lower left abdominal pain in men. If you start noticing the pain, don’t waste your time in contacting a doctor for urgent medical attention. If you forget to contact a doctor, the issue might be severe over a period of time.

Neglecting or ignoring these symptoms can give rise to adverse conditions. Let us look at some of the causes of the pain including urinary and prostate infections.

  1. Prostate– this can simply give rise to inflammation and swelling of the prostate gland. It can either be caused by virus or bacteria. But bacteria attacks seem to be the most common.
  2. Urinary infection– this infection is caused by bacteria. A lot of men are suffering from kidney or enlarged stones.
  3. Varicocele– this compresses the testicle, and hinders the flow of blood from your veins. Their pains are indescribable.
Diagnosis of Lower Left Abdominal Pain

There are different processes in the diagnosis of abdominal pain, because there are several root causes of these pain symptoms. The best method for this type of pain is preliminary diagnosis. Tell the doctor or medical experts the nature of the pain, this is the only way they can identify the root cause of the problem, and then proffer the necessary solution.

Nature of the pain

It is necessary to know how the pain started. For example, if you experience a disruption of blood supply to the colon, this can go miles in resulting to severe and sudden abdominal pain. Knowing the place it begins is also very essential in the diagnostic process.

Most cases of diverticulitis and appendicitis starts with lower abdominal pain. It will start like a minor case, and if it is not properly taken care of, it will result into a severe case.

Duration of the pain

The pain can be severe, and can be instantaneous, lasting for a long or short period of time within the month or year. In some cases, this chronic pain can last for some years and can kill a person if left untreated.

There is still a debate within the medical field about the duration of the pain, because, the pain varies from one person to another. In some, it can last for 2-3 years or more, at others, it can last for just one year or even less than that.

What worsens the pain?

The pain can be worsened by a lot of factors. For example, pain due to inflammation can get worse by harsh movements, coughing and sneezing. Some pain can be worsened when you take some fluids or foods, others can aggravate if you sit for a long period of time.

Treatment of Lower Left Abdominal Pain

If you are experiencing severe pain in your lower left abdomen or if you know someone that is passing through health challenge, we will give you some helpful hints that will help you. These tips have helped thousands of people over the years, and they will surely help you today.

A good doctor will advise you to go for a proper diagnosis. This will help him to know how severe or minor it is, and then how to take care of it. If it is a complicated situation, the doctor may run additional tests which may include scanning the uterus, ovaries, and x-raying the stomach.

The easiest and fastest way to treat pain in the lower left abdomen is by the use of strong or relevant antibiotics or medications, depending on the nature of the condition. If it is a serious issue, the doctor may go for surgical intervention. Thus, it is advised that if the pain exceeds 24 hours, seeking medical attention might be the best option.


From the above analysis, it has been proved that lower abdomen in men have several causes. But if you follow the right step in its cure, you will experience a faster recovery and better symptom management. The pain can be treated depending on its cause.
There are various modes of treatment which include medications for ulcers, gerd, and inflammation to antibiotics to changes in your behaviors. In severe cases like hernia and appendicitis, surgery remains the best approach.

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