5 Ways to Save Money on Pet Care Products

Just as parents love to spoil their children, animal owners love to bestow unique and fun gifts, treats and care products on their pampered pets. Every time a new toy, outfit or other pet-related treasure is spotted, a pet owner’s weakness has been discovered. It is no surprise with all of the new and innovative dog products and accessories, owners are looking for great ways to save money. Below you will find five interesting ways to save money on the products your pet needs.


1.Pet owners enjoy significant savings by purchasing online.

Purchasing online rather than in brick and mortar pet stores can offer owners more ways to save big on their purchases. By shopping online, you can take advantage of the frequent sales and rebates offered, and have products delivered directly to your door, saving money on gasoline and delivery fees. Many times, online stores will offer free shipping with reasonable purchase amounts. Be sure to subscribe to your favorite pet supply websites to receive notifications so you never miss a sale.

2.Take advantage of pet related coupons to save money all year.

Many online animal websites offer pet coupons and pet coupon codes in an attempt to attract buyers and loyal shoppers who enjoy saving money. For example, the reputable online pet supply retailer called BudgetPetCare.com is currently offering a money saving coupon, promising 7.5% off of all purchases with free shipping when you use the coupon code “BPCSSS75”. Shoppers will enter the coupon code during the checkout process to see the instant discount taken from their total purchase price, minus taxes.

3.You can save money by buying in bulk.

While it may seem cheaper to buy that small bag of food or product, you can actually save quite a bit of money by purchasing in bulk. Many pet owners prefer stocking up which leaves them feeling more prepared. Fully stocked pantry shelves means never having to make a special trip to town or placing a special order for one item again. When you buy in bulk and take advantage of coupons or rebates, that savings is magnified.

4.Measure your pet’s food before feedings.

Many researchers agree that pet owners consistently over-feed their animals by not measuring their portions at each feeding. Rather than follow those vague“back-of-the-bag” recommendations,speak to your veterinarian about your pet breed’s specific caloric needs and lifestyle, using a measuring cup to serve a more necessary amount of daily rations. Experts say that owners will be surprised at how much further each bag of food will stretch, and how much less will be wasted than before.

5.Stay on top of your pet’s regularly scheduled veterinary visits.

If you cannot afford a veterinary visit this year, check to see what kind of community resources might be able to help. Your pet must get vaccinated to avoid fines and other costly repercussions later. Other very important treatments include the rabies, distemper and parvovirus shots.Not getting your pet the health care he needs maylead to owners paying far more money than a monthly veterinary check-up would have been, once there is a problem.

These are just a few of the many ways you can save big money while spoiling your pets with the best products available online. If you enjoy the savings of “one-stop-shopping”, check out the convenience of this retail pet website, BudgetPetCare.com. Be sure to use the above mentioned coupon code “BPCSSS75” to enjoy 7.5% savings and free shipping with a minimum purchase! Don’t forget to sign up for newsletters and sales updates to keep those savings coming to your door!

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